We are thrilled to partner with ministry leaders that have a strong commitment to stewarding their facilities and financial resources.


Nothing gets us more excited than pastors who are more enlivened by reaching the lost than maintaining the status quo.


Laborious decision-making processes aren't our cup of tea; after all, our time on earth is short and the mission we have all  been given is great. 


We provide programming and schematic design services and can even walk with you through

the design development process. This means we'll help you find a local architect to complete the final

construction documents and a local contractor to build or remodel your facility.


This process provides the best of both worlds. We get to provide insight from our extensive experience

in development, architecture, and construction, and guide the project at its most crucial turning points.

Plus you'll get to take advantage of our signature techniques for creating high-quality, functional,

and cost-effective facilities. But by partnering with local experts to get across the finish line,

you'll find additional savings of time and money. 

Though Dan has held an architectural license in every one of the contiguous United States, we love

partnering with locals who know the intricacies of your location and laws. Also, we ardently believe your

project is the perfect opportunity for you to build even stronger relationships in your community. 



Dan has been working in the architecture and construction industry since 1972, upon graduation from Montana State University. He holds licenses in over forty states, as well as NCARB. 


Since the founding of DCA in 1975, Dan has worked with over 1,000 ministries. He has also been involved in direct ministry, having begun Christian Heritage School in 1995, operated Wasatch Christian Early Learning Center since 2008, and participated in many international service trips.


In 1998, Dan founded Building God's Way, making it into the leader of the Christian ministry and education market. Dan met BGW's architectural needs through DCA, developing proven techniques for signature design and cost-effective construction.


Weaving together his extensive experience as a developer and passion for the unreached, he also started Mission-Based Sustainable Solutions in 2015. Soon after, he published 10 Tsunamis Impacting Ministries and began to even more ardently focus his efforts on Kingdom building.

Dan's vision to support Christian organizations nationwide continues to expand and come to life. With 12 grandchildren, Dan is grateful for the opportunity to spend time with family and mentor his daughter, Catherine, while serving exceptional ministries through DCA. 



Growing up as a Pastor's son in the outskirts of Chicago, David witnessed the impact that churches can have on their communities from an early age.  


While completing his Masters in Architecture from Judson University, David started as an intern for Dan Cook at Building God's Way in 2013. It was here that he participated in hundreds of design charrettes for churches across the nation. Spending most of his time on the preliminary design team, David honed his skills in helping churches visualize their new buildings and come up with unique solutions to meet their facility needs. Upon graduation in 2015, he dedicated his career to growing God's kingdom through architecture.


In 2019, David left BGW to once again reunite with Dan Cook in order to serve ministries through Daniel Cook Architect and a new venture, Kingdom Plans. Going forward, David is thrilled to be a part of helping communities thrive and advance the Kingdom through innovative church design.



Upon earning a Master of Divinity at Princeton Theological Seminary, Catherine returned home to Utah to work with DCA. An ordained Presbyterian minister, she was trained in a church plant in urban Philadelphia and is deeply passionate about developing unique strategic plans that enable ministries to best serve their neighborhoods. 


Catherine has travelled extensively, visiting 37 countries by age 26. She believes the Church in the USA is in desperate need of building bridges across difference. She and her husband founded Arcadia Guided Outdoor Education, which is a sustainable ministry that provides hiking camps and backpacking trips to children and youth.


Catherine is also highly involved in the local conversation around meeting the needs of the community, and has served as Board President for the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate. In addition to her work at DCA, she serves as the Administrator at a private, Christian school and child care center and as a Chaplain at a local hospital.