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Should Christians Stop Building Church Buildings?

The Irresistible Church Network is publishing a book this summer called "The Church Every Community Needs." We were thrilled to hear that one of our past clients, Pastor Jamey Stuart from Believers Church in Virginia, is one of the contributors!

Watch the Webinar

Hear more about why Jamey led the church through the building of a sustainable church -- that is -- one that is a hub of community activity! Make sure to listen through the end to hear Jamey's answer to common questions.

Highlights of Sustainable Ministry

Not up for a video webinar right now? Bookmark it for later and consider the following:

  1. PRACTICE STEWARDSHIP: Churches own a TON of real estate across the USA. But most of the time their buildings are empty or under-utilized. What does the way you use or don't use your church building communicate to the surrounding community? Are you stewarding the "talents" God has given you?

  2. BUILDING VS BODY: The Church is not a building; we are the Church as we gather on Sundays and as we live every day in the midst of our neighborhoods. The building where you meet can be a great asset to your community!

  3. REMOVE OBSTACLES: In sustainable ministries, community members that wouldn't otherwise go to church can visit the church building and see for themselves that the roof didn't cave in! Each year, thousands of people visit Hub 757 outside of church programming. What a great first step!

  4. WE ARE WITNESSES: We are God's witnesses in our every action; this includes the way people are treated during events and how children and parents are supported in their preschool; the opportunities for ministry are unlimited! Jamey puts it this way: "Our objective is to show the love of God to everyone, not just those who we agree with."

  5. PARTNER WISELY: Choosing the right architect, doing market studies, and hiring the right staff to manage sustainable businesses are key parts of making this work. Don't rush into it!

Want to Learn More?

Reach out to DCA! We'd love to hear your story and chat about what God may have in store for you.

But before you do, we thought you might enjoy this fun fact: Pastor Jamey says his childhood idol was Evel Knievel. Did you know Dan Cook, DCA's founder, grew up with Evel in Butte, Montana? Now you do!

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