Sometimes it just doesn't make sense to start from scratch. Rather, there may be something exceptional that could be molded to meet your needs. With unparalleled experience designing worship and Christian education space nationwide, Daniel Cook Architect has already navigated the ins and outs of ministry facilities.


If you're interested in shortening your construction time-line, saving money, and working with a local architect, this is the right place to start. We'll work closely with you to understand your goals and select a plan from our tried and true library that will serve you well.


Depending on your needs and project timeline, we can provide you with a preliminary design or full construction documents. Then, we can make any needed changes or can provide the files to the architect of your choice. If you need help finding the right local architect and contractor, we can help you with that too! 

Generally, your savings on architectural fees will be about $6 per square foot. In addition, you could save up to 6 months of drawing time and would be able to apply for a CUP immediately. Assuming a 3% inflation rate during this time, your construction savings will also be high. For example, if you're planning a 20,000 SF building that is estimated to cost $4,000,000, this route would save you $120,000 in architectural fees and an additional $120,000 in inflation costs. 

Contact us to discuss if this is the right direction for your ministry!