Change isn't easy, but it is simple. Throughout Scripture we read story after story of people's commitment

to following their call. It is our honor and delight to help you discern God's call on your ministry. 


Through the fusion of mission and business, you can discover financial freedom and a connection to your community like never before. It starts with a schematic design that's right for you.


Taking on a building project is completely overwhelming. But together, we will navigate everything from initial programming, to funding, to the completion of construction. 


The ministry God has placed on your heart shouldn't have to sit on the sidelines
while you wait months and years for the development of architectural designs, permits, and approvals.

Besides, the truth is, the longer the process, the more expensive your project will end up being.

We believe in helping you practice stewardship from the very beginning stages of your project. After all, saving time and money means you'll have more to give to the ministry you are truly passionate about.

Daniel Cook, the industry pioneer, has worked with over 1,000 ministries across the country. In an effort to steward the best designs of his career and have the biggest impact on growing ministries, he has cultivated a plan library. These are tried and true plans that can help you move forward with your project efficiently and cost-effectively. 

After learning about your ministry goals, we will work together to select a plan and make needed customizations. If you already know a Design/Build firm, architect, or contractor, we can pass the CAD files along to them in order to get your project moving! If not, we can help you find one.

Traditional Experience

Per Square Foot Cost

The industry standard for estimating

construction costs is $250 per Square Foot (all in, incl. site development on a commercial bldg). This means a 25,000 SF facility would cost $6.25 million to build.

Construction Documents

A typical set of CD's will cost 8% of the total project, or $500,000.


During the 6 months it will take for your plans to be designed, you'll lose $187,500 in inflation costs. After all, construction costs go up at the rate of about .5% per month.

Customized Plans with DCA

Per Square Foot Cost

With decades of experience designing and

constructing churches, we have created state of the art, economical designs without sacrificing quality. Our designs come in closer to $200/SF, lowering the cost of 25,000 SF building to $5M.

Construction Documents

We provide complete sets of CD's that can be customized to meet your specific needs for as low as $30,000. These adjustments will likely cost about $70,000 and can be completed by an architect local to you.


By starting with a complete set of plans that only need minor changes according to your preferences and site, you're able to move forward immediately!

$1,837,000+ in Savings